August G…uest #6: Home Sweet Home

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Hi there!   I’m Ritu from the blog But I Smile Anyway… 
I’d like to thank Esmé for inviting me over to do a guest post on her blog. Isn’t she just the best!
At the moment, I am sat at home, back with my parents, regressing back to the days before I was a Mrs, the days before I was a wife or a mother.
It doesn’t matter how old you are when you go back home, you automatically slip into the role of the child. (You don’t? Must only be me then!)
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Mum, well, she is in her element! From making cups of tea to whipping up favourite dishes, magically producing activities to keep her grandchildren busy, as well as managing to turn my dirty clothes heap into a pile of freshly laundered garments, she just keeps going!
Pops is the same, but not quite. He’s there with those never-ending hugs and that feeling that you are Daddy’s girl, no matter what age you are. Seeing him in his familiar spot, on the sofa, hearing him potter about in the mornings, performing his daily rituals, all these things, make you really feel you are home.
And me, I’m sat here, enjoying my freedom to write, knowing the kids are busy with their grandparents. Or if I want to read for an hour, or go for a peaceful walk, I can.
But actually, what I want to do most of all, is to sit with them. Enjoy my time with my parents. They’re not getting any younger, and my mum often reminds me by saying “I’m not being morbid but…” then discussing something regarding what will happen when she/they are not around.
I don’t want to acknowledge that fact.
Not at all.
I know I have to, and when that time comes, I will.
But for now, I want to create even more memories of them, with them. I want to talk about our childhood, their childhood, and store the tales away into my mind, so I can take them out at any time, and reminisce.
I want my children to have fond memories of the times they spend with their grandparents. I want them to know just how wonderful these people are.
And now, I shall disappear, to go and share a cuppa and a giggle with my beloved parents.
Treasure yours.
They won’t be around forever. <3
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