20 + 1 Interview Questions

20 + 1 Interview Questions – A new feature

Interview with (Your own name) from (Blog Name)

All about your BLOG:

Tell us about you lovely BLOG.

  1. What is the name of your blog and how did you decide on your blog name?
  2. What prompted you to start on this blogging journey?
  3. To date, what blogging achievement/s are you most proud of?
  4. How would you describe your own blogging style?
  5. What excites you most about blogging?
  6. What platform do you use and why?
  7. What genre/topic/theme do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?
  8. How often do you blog per week or month?
  9. Do you have any wisdom or tip/s regarding blogging to share with us?
  10. Do you participate in linkup parties? How do you feel about it?


All about YOU:

Tell us something about you, the real YOU.

  1. What do you like to do other than blogging?
  2. Where do you reside?
  3. Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
  4. Do you still work, and if so, what is your trade/profession?
  5. Or are you retired? If so, what do you do besides blogging?
  6. Do you wish to be 20-something or the age you are now and why?
  7. What makes your day a good and happy one?
  8. Describe yourself in 3 words.
  9. Share with us 3 interesting facts about yourself.
  10. Do you have any other tidbits to share with us about yourself?

Last but not least:

  1. Please share with us your social media links, in order for our readers to follow you!

If you’re interested to be featured please use the below form to get in touch with me via email.

I will respond back as soon as possible and then we can communicate via email and you can send your answers (in a .doc or whatever format works for you) as well as a profile picture.

I am super stoked and will be happy to feature you and your blog here.  I look forward hearing from you

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    • EsmeSalon
      Posted at 07:52h, 26 May Reply

      Thank you so much for the shout out and I hope your readers with enjoy your post as much as ai did when reading it.

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  • Melissa ❤️🙂🌴
    Posted at 11:08h, 02 May Reply

    Reblogged this on Mint Tea and Elephants and commented:
    Esme is wonderful at creating community in the blogosphere. She truly practices “sharing is caring”. I’ll be submitting my answers to her 20 + 1 Interview Questions (what a cool title!) soon. Please hop on over to her blog and show her some love.

    • cookandenjoyrecipes
      Posted at 13:53h, 02 May Reply

      Thank you soooooo much. Wish I could go home NOW and check out your answers. Will get in touch after work tonight. 🌹🌹

      • Melissa ❤️🙂🌴
        Posted at 15:00h, 02 May Reply

        Haven’t sent them yet. I’m editing my responses. 😁

        • cookandenjoyrecipes
          Posted at 17:54h, 02 May Reply

          Perfect, no rush. I will watch my email

          • Melissa ❤️🙂🌴
            Posted at 20:08h, 02 May

            I’m all done. Emailed you!

          • cookandenjoyrecipes
            Posted at 20:25h, 02 May

            Thank you Melissa. Received your email. I will get this ready and let you know the publish date asap. I already have some others lined up, but you will be next in line. Thank you for participating and also spreading the news.

          • Melissa ❤️🙂🌴
            Posted at 20:26h, 02 May

            No problem! I’m happy to hear that people have responded so well.

          • cookandenjoyrecipes
            Posted at 20:32h, 02 May

            I am over the moon delighted with the response so far. Hope it will continue

  • Melissa ❤️🙂🌴
    Posted at 08:58h, 02 May Reply

    I would love to be a part of this. You’re so good at creating community, Esme!

  • Crystal And Daisy Mae
    Posted at 11:57h, 29 April Reply

    I guess that leaves me out of the interview deal I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Account. OH WEll.

    • cookandenjoyrecipes
      Posted at 14:18h, 29 April Reply

      Crystal you can still email me you answers. It’s just another way to promote you so do not worry.
      You have my email address so send it over. Thxs.

  • Ritu
    Posted at 07:28h, 29 April Reply

    Love this Esme! I’ll ping you an email!

  • Twenty Questions. One Request. – The Militant Negro™
    Posted at 22:02h, 28 April Reply

    […] special shout out to Ms. Esme, a very creative and warm loving woman who runs The Recipe Hunter Blog She is creative, sweet and good looking. Check her out and visit her blog for recipes that make you […]

    • cookandenjoyrecipes
      Posted at 07:52h, 29 April Reply

      Mr M. You made me blush and smile with this write up and shout our. Thank you so much

  • Clive
    Posted at 12:57h, 28 April Reply

    What a fabulous idea, Esmé! As you know, I’m not the most rapid of responders (!) but I may give this a go 😊

    • cookandenjoyrecipes
      Posted at 13:13h, 28 April Reply

      Wow that will be fantastic Clive. Please email me and you will be my first interviewed blogger! Yippee 👏👏

      • Clive
        Posted at 13:18h, 28 April Reply

        I’ll do my best, but don’t be surprised if someone beats me to it!

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