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My name is Esmé.  Thank you for popping in and welcome to my blog – The Recipe Hunter!
I reside in Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 20+ years, although originally from Cape Town, South Africa
If you want to participate and share a post and promote your blog (any niche), please join in and participate and share your story as a Guest with us. 
I love to share my passion to cook and experimenting, so please join me on this journey.
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Updated:  July 8, 2017

69 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi. Was traveling yesterday to St. John and wasn’t able to participate. I’m sneaking in today. I write about my intuition but now that healthy eating makes for a clearer connection. Hopefully, soon I’ll make something and send it into you. What a great blog idea….as a food lover. I’m very excited! Here is my blog. No pressure I’m just making up for lost time. I won’t eat those cheesy fries….but I LOVE looking at them and daydreaming about it!!! Nice to meet you.

    • Thanks dear – would you like to participate in the G…uest post series? Please email me at Co**********@sh**.ca and provide me with your email address, then I can send you an invite. This will be awesome to have you on board. I am so happy and looking forward to your guest post. Remember, any topic allowed, no need to be a food related topic. Thanks

  2. Esmé, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Your passion for cooking, discovering and learning is apparent here. I love it. I’m excited to read your blog and see all the yummy dishes. Thank you for following my blog. ☺

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  4. Esme: Hello! I am scheduled to have a granola recipe featured on the Sharing is Caring recipe exchange in December but it seems as though you are posting more recipes and you were encouraging bloggers to send more than one? So, I am sending a few more recipe links that would be good to make this fall. Let me know if you can find a place for them.
    Thanks for doing what you do on your blog. It’s lovely to see so many different kinds of cooking in one place!

  5. Hi Esme. You had followed my first blogging project, which I’m just about to shut down. I really hope you’ll head to, my new baby, and Follow there, too. Thanks!
    Love what you’re doing here, BTW! And looking forward to my post date in December!

  6. Hi
    thank you for the basic sponge cake recipes. Is it possible that you can add me to your mailing list as always get recipes.
    Thank you


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