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Deborah Hunter Kells

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How to actually chill so you don’t burnout!



Do you feel you’ve got heaps to do and the “mountain” of work or items to attend to are getting more than you can handle?


You could be facing burnout! Do you not know what to attend to first and get stressed at the thought? You could be facing burnout! Do you know how to actually chill so you don’t face burnout? Lets have a look at what you can do.


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A New Lease of Life: De-cluttering your computer

There are many things around your home, office, and garage that need de-cluttering. But often your computer can get off lightly.  Who knows what “clutter monster” is lurking behind that tiny computer screen?  And you are feeding it aren’t you? Oh dear! This is not just on your computer but often in the Cloud such as in Google Drive too. Let’s work on changing this!

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Life happenings when the recipe doesn’t go to plan

Life happenings don’t always go to plan. Do you find that? Your recipe isn’t always the way others do it? The recipe has to be changed, altered or given up. When we put our own personal stamp on things you will find it is rarely the same as what others do. But we try! Some – like life “doers” are seasoned cooks and hardly need much instruction (it seems) to go ahead full steam to get things processed, produced or thrown away! Now I’m going to blame Esme for the following antidote. I’m laughing as I was thinking of her giving me little bits of motivation to get a recipe or two happening. Here is a recipe I chose to do. This is what happened!

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Good and better ways to store food healthily

When you think of good and better ways to store food healthily you may ask in what way? Do I mean in the freezer? Or in the crisper at the bottom or top of the refrigerator? In water? Or in glass?  In paper bags? Covered with a tea towel? And others…… There are a variety of ways to use less plastic for instance and I always work on the principal of using “better and better ways” to do things.

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How to have a Happy, Thankful Guest!

You can have a guest at anytime of the year. Though some times are regulated to the Holiday season for many. Some of us can only have days and some have a couple of weeks or more. If it is your place that family, friends or even someone who is unexpectedly needs a bed and meals you can have them have a cosy and inviting situation. Therefore you can put in place ways of how to have a happy, thankful guest. Count each guest that comes your way as a blessing and someone you can learn from and be generous to.

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