Enjoy being better at writing

Enjoy being better at writing

Make gratitude a part of your life

Have you ever had something – then had it taken away? Or maybe hoped for something and that’s not what you received? Life is full of challenges but we often take for granted those things we do have. Maybe finding out how good having a grateful frame of mind is healthy will help you to find ways to make gratitude a part of your life.


Enjoy being better at writing

Moving house with the least stress

Well after nearly 5 years in the one spot we decided we needed a climate change. We are in the middle of a move to a warmer area. Even the winter temperature is warmer. The lure, therefore, is “real”. Moving house with the least stress is always my plan. First of all, it starts in the mind. I have always enjoyed moving and have a mother and sister who feel the same. Always an adventure and always awaiting a new environment and meeting new people while keeping connections with old friends. So to me – it is not stressful. I like it that my perception of it being fun helps a great deal. Maybe that is something you can incorporate to help you with alleviating stress.

Normally I would have a bit more preparation time before moving – but this time a house came up earlier than expected – so it was getting to things more quickly  A big thing that is helpful is that I had done some deep cleaning in Autumn and so it was a bit of touch up in some areas. This is a big plus where organizing is concerned – if you have to make a quick move. You are half ready.

Did I have any negatives? Yes. I saw the Doctor who diagnosed me with a case of Tendinitis in my foot – when I particularly did extra walking. Also, I have a husband who has a bad leg – so he has to have the slower option when getting ready to move. Also, he tends to be a bit of a hoarder. That may never change – I just understand we are different as I tend to be more of a minimalist.

So what are the things that I recommend when moving?

Moving house with the least stress

  • Have a list of those to contact regarding change of address. I have thankfully kept a list with me. I have altered this over time when Companies or businesses had to be dropped or added.
  • Don’t forget a re-direction of your mail
  • Organize dis-connection and reconnection at your new address.
  • Think of quick meals to have if you have an exhausting day packing. Include some eating out for when you want to take a break.
  • Run down your food supply so you have less to pack.
  • This is a good time to donate items. I have got up to 18 bags this time – so very happy with my down-sizing efforts.
  • Start packing those things that won’t be needed. Ie seasonal clothing, extra clothing, kitchen appliances, extra office supplies, decor items, outside items, not needed extra furniture.
  • Put what clothing you need at the other end in a suitcase or carry bags. This is so that you don’t have to chase into boxes looking for a change of clothing.
  • Pack smaller items within bigger items – it takes up less room. I don’t like jigsaw puzzles but I happen to like seeing how much I can fit. That is into boxes and within items piece by piece – quickly and concisely.
  • Keep your important papers and files with you. Back up your computer and devices.  Have them travel with you or be in your current items so as to be on call.
  • For each room, you pack put a color circle sticker on each box. This way you or others can know on the other end knows which room to put the box. Blue – bedroom Green – kitchen – Yellow – Laundry – Orange – Bathroom Red – Office White – Miscellaneous. It is very quick to sight things when you go by color.
  • Start working on having a skeleton amount of needs. For example cleaning products, office needs, limited grocery items, cooking implements, keys
  • Consider having a “Just in case car kit” in your car
  • Don’t have the energy to clean up after packing? Consider hiring someone to do a clean up after you leave.
  • Accept not all things go to plan. Acceptance puts a “big hole” in cutting stress if you suffer from it.
  • One thing I do like to do is sell large furniture items.  That is unless they are particularly useful, favorite and functional pieces. This gives me a side project I do of looking for ideas of what color schemes or theme I will have in my new home. Since it is a hobby for me  I like to hop online when taking a break to check out Google and Pinterest.
  • Take time for a walk around your neighborhood. I’ve done a small walk today to drink in nature and the environment that I will be saying goodbye to.
Enjoy being better at writing

Making your blog great when you are a learner

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There is a lot to learn when you start a blog.  The aim of making your blog great when you are a learner takes quite a bit of time and a big learning curve. Don’t let this turn you off. A blog is a work of art, informative and helpful to many people. Remember it helps people from where “you sit”. (more…)

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