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The Militant Negro

Guest: Stuffed Peppers. My Grandma's Old School Sicilian Way

Stuffed Peppers

A very good friend reminded me today of stuffed peppers. My grandma would spend 8 hours making her version of stuffed peppers using not only the traditional green peppers but she included red, yellow and orange peppers as well in her recipe. I say recipe but Granny never used a recipe a day in her life. Each and every one of her over 2300 dishes, she made from scratch, using her memory to recreate many of her childhood dishes, taught to her by her mom and grandmom.

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August G…uest #3: JB's Sicilian Meatloaf

Mr. JBMany people cook/make a version of the traditional meatloaf. Although I’ve eaten many a meatloaf over the span of my life, I’ve cooked 3 times as many meatloaf recipes than I have eaten. The following meatloaf recipe for “Sicilian” Meatloaf is fool-proof and lets face facts, ANYTHING Sicilian is bound to just be better.

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