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B.O.S.S. Blog Share 1 

January 5, 2020


Welcome to our new feature here on EsmeSalon BLOG SOCIAL


Please read all about this new feature on the main page over at BlogSocial to familiarize yourself as to how this will work.

In fact, this is very easy and exactly the same as what you will do in the threads you’re familiar with on our Facebook Groups:  Blogger’s Influence and Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers.  The only difference being that you now visit a blog to drop your link.


What is the benefit of participating here at B.O.S.S.?


This way we will be able to reach more bloggers and give those unfortunate friends that landed in “Facebook Jail” (for whatever reason) to still share post links and get the exposure they deserve for their blogs.


We have also noticed that many bloggers are not on Facebook, but they do have other Social Media outlets.  This way they can now also participate and share their posts here at B.O.S.S. without the need to work through Facebook and all the different issues we nowadays encounter.


We have 5 different categories:

B.O.S.S. Blog
B.O.S.S. Facebook
B.O.S.S. Feedback
B.O.S.S. Pinterest
B.O.S.S. Twitter


B.O.S.S. Blog Share 1 


Blog Outreach Social Share Blog Post Share Logo


Please drop your Blog URL or a Post URL you wish us to read, leave comments on and share on our own Social Media below in the comments 👇 and then engage with as many of your fellow blogging friends as possible and do not forget to reply to the entries you interacted with. 👍

If you have any suggestions or comments for improvement, please let me know as we would love to hear from you and make this an enjoyable and asset for all that participate.

Sign up here to ensure that you always receive our email notification of each and every B.O.S.S.  sharing opportunity and never miss a beat to promote and have more eyes on your own blog and share it with others.  We encourage you to sign up.  We will not spam your inbox and will not sell your information.  EsmeSalon is fully GDPR compliant and you can read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

We hope to meet you soon at B.O.S.S. Blogsocial


  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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My goal is to provide the best homemade recipes that are healthy for all families to enjoy. I also endeavor to showcase and share other bloggers and promote them on my Blog. You will also find Resources and Courses and Services for Bloggers which I promote from time to time.

72 thoughts on “B.O.S.S. Blog Share 1”

  1. A final comment from me for this week. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts I’ve visited and am particularly grateful to Rasma for following: I’ve returned the compliment. Here’s to next week 😊

    • Dear Clive, thank you for your final comment. I am happy to see that B.O.S.S. seems to take off and that bloggers are getting what I am trying to convey and that some of you will get new followers and more shares and comments. See you with the next B.O.S.S. but do not forget about #senisal.

    • Hi Kathleen. Welcome here at B.O.S.S. and thank you for leaving your link here. I commented on your post. I hope that your readers will also find benefit from this new feature

    • Rasma, this is awesome news. Thanks so much for your comment here. Please remember to leave them a reply on their posts here on the blog in order for them to know what you have done. Thanks

  2. Happy New Year everyone!! Thank you Esme for starting this lovely site.

    My blog is at and I welcome all visitors and comments. I’m looking forward to checking out lots of new blogs as well.

    All the best to each of you!!

    • Dear Pamela, Thank you for your kind words and for leaving your blog link. Please remember to leave a reply to those comments here on the blog once you interacted with them, in order for them to know what you have done. Thanks

  3. Hi everyone! Iam Talat. I blog over at – a Parenting and lifestyle blog. I recently got restricted in fb, Instagram and messenger from sharing links. And to say this has been frustrating would be an understatement. I thank Esme for thinking this up. B.O.S.S! This is going to be of great help to other bloggers like me who are restricted.
    My latest blog post is
    Comment and shares are welcome

  4. Hi Esme (and all). As you know, I do Facebook and Twitter too, but I think this is a great idea to widen our horizons. I’ll share on both of those for you, too. Hope it’s very successful for you!

    This is the link to my latest post, which I’ll also be sharing with the Senior Salon tomorrow (any opportunity to get a new reader will be taken!):

    • Hello Clive, I thought I would check out your blog because your surname is the same as my maiden name – so I am sure we must be related back there. Your blog is interesting and it is good that you have found your way back to ‘your happy place’ that is not always easy.

      • Like Pamela, I’m also a bit confused about replying to comments here! I’m posting this as a reply to Kathleen – fingers crossed that’s where it goes! Just to say we may have common ancestors but it would be a while back: I think you’re in the States, whereas I’m from East Kent in the UK, where the surname originated. Maybe a common ancestor was on the Mayflower? 😊

        • Clive, what you did is totally correct, I will see if I can get a different setting that will not cause confusion. But just keep hitting the reply button, and type away and it will be shown in the correct spot where you intended it to be. You replied to Kathleen and me, and I can see your comments listed where it should be.

  5. Firstly thank you for participating and sharing your posts here. My wish would be that you all gain something from B.O.S.S. and please spread the word and share this post and every one coming your way
    Copy the link of the thread and please share via your SM

  6. Hi everyone, I am currently based in New Zealand 🇳🇿 but soon to be off travelling for the next few months at least. My blog is about my passion and love for all things TEA related and soon will be adding our adventure too. Would love more followers please ☕


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