Banana Waffle Roll-up

Banana Waffle Roll-up

These banana waffles Roll-ups are loaded with overripe bananas, but free of wheat and eggs and refined sugar.

6 overripe bananas
200 ml flax/linseed flour
200 ml cornflour/maizena
200 ml milk
10 ml lemon juice
1 Dessertspoonful honey
5 ml baking powder
5 ml vanilla

Puree bananas with honey, milk, vanilla and adding lemon juice last.
Pour into cornflour and flax/linseed flour and baking powder
Blend well
Heat waffle iron and grease with cooking spray.
I like to use a soup spoon as a measure.
Drop a generous soup spoon of mixture onto each waffle section and close.
Don’t be tempted to overfill, it will get messy!
My iron took 4 minutes to cook the waffles.
The waffles will not be crispy. They will be soft and pleasantly moist inside.
Remove carefully, I lifted each one over the end of a wooden spoon in order not to break.
Lay on a plate and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon sugar while hot.
Roll up while still hot because the edges will begin to crisp and then won’t roll neatly.
A small amount of mascarpone as a filling enhances the flavors.

*This recipe is enough for 20 roll-ups.
**Free of wheat and eggs and refined sugar.

Prepared, tried and tested Dee Harris

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