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Blogging is an interesting world!

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Blogging is an interesting world!

I am so lucky to have met so many awesome and wonderful people in the Blogging world and for sure Blogging is an interesting world!

When did you start blogging?  Did you know what you let yourself in for?  Did you think it would be easy?  Just type 300+ words, add a handful of beautiful images, and voila all done, and then hit the Publish button?

For sure that’s not how it goes ….. what do you think? How do you do it??

Anyway, I have been so extremely fortunate and have met the most wonderful bloggers along the way.  Justine, from The Tea Chest All Things Tea ♥ has become a great virtual blogging friend.

Lo and behold, in her latest post, the first in a series called: Over the Teacups #1 she mentioned EsmeSalon and SIPB!

Justine, thank you so much for your kindness, for thinking of me and my humble blog and Facebook Groups and page.  I am flabbergasted and still on cloud 9 and touched by your kind words, which I quote below:

Esme Slabs is a fountain of knowledge, founder of blogging support pages and has a beautiful blog which is full of delicious recipes, interviews and posts. You can find her here at Esme Salon

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Well enough said here on my blog.  Please visit Justine, to read the full post, and leave comments on her blog.

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20 thoughts on “Blogging is an interesting world!”

  1. Thank you so much Esme for having a wonderful place to share and read others blogs. I throughly enjoy this every week and look forward to your email each Monday. Thank you xx

    • Hi Bree, thank you so much, you make my day. I always wonder, do people read the weekly email? What can I do better? Thanks for your participation and kind words. Please share the news and keep it up at #senisal.

  2. This is my first visit. I really enjoyed this post, as it caused me to think back to when I first started blogging 12 years ago. Here I am now with three blogs. Back when I started I thought I would just try it out after being encouraged by my daughter. I really didn’t think there would be enough topics to sustain a long period of blogging. Sharing.

    • Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your visit here at my humble blog. I truly appreciate it and am in awe of you running three blogs. I hope that you will pop in here on a regular basis, maybe sign up and become a follower and why not come and join us at the weekly #senisal linkup parties and on FB SIPB (Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers) where you can get more eyes on your posts and blogs
      Thank you again for visiting

  3. Hi Esme, I just came across your blog and party!! I began blogging to connect with other women as I am no longer able to work as a nurse due to fibromyalgia. I also felt that a blog might help me with being creative. As a child, I created stories on a typewriter by pecking the words out with my index fingers. I didn’t learn to type properly until I was in high school but that didn’t stop me from creating my stories and getting them typed out on paper.

  4. I began blogging almost 2 years ago, so I still feel like somewhat of a newbie! At first, I was very interested in numbers, but now I realize that connections are so much more important. I would rather have 15 readers who really engage with me than 1500 who are indifferent. So glad I found your corner of the internet, Esme!

    • Laurie thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, statistics do not do anything for me, as you so rightly stated: 15 loyal members are way more beneficial and of value than 1500 just for the sake of stats.

  5. Thanks for your reply, Esme. ‘Eric’ -‘im indoors…is not keen on computers but I’ll scribble down a few of his recipes for you. Being Jewish…food is high on his list of needs…Having three sons with seemingly hollow legs, I also did a lot of cooking for around 47 years…and we both cooked when we ran a mall hotel together. Some of our experiences are detailed in my Wordpress site: Cheers. x

  6. I love belonging to a like-minded community of people and have ‘met’ some ‘clever cookies’ on my journey… Some write beautifully: prose and often poetry, others cook (me in my other ‘chapters’…) Husband now cooks up a storm: 5 vegie soup and vegie and egg fritters yesterday (Yum!) As we all know, life is cruel and kind but rarely long enough to experience all its wonders. Let’s hear it for humanity, love and peace. Best wishes. Joy x

    • Dear Joy, Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I think that your husband should join my Foodie FB group and share those veggie soup and fritter recipes with us. Would he be interested, I would love to have him join us at Please ask him to join up.
      So glad that you also met other wonderful bloggers, this is so great to hear and I just love this blogging community


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