Bobby's Chocolate delight cake

TRH Bobby's Chocolate delight cake
Ingredients for the cake:
2 heaped tbsp. cocoa powder.
4 tbsp. hot water.
8 ounces cake flour.
2 level tsp baking powder.
Pinch of salt
8 ounces margarine.
10 ounces castor sugar.
4 eggs
2 tbsp. milk.
Ingredients for the chocolate butter cream:
2 x heaped tbsp. cocoa powder.
3 x tbsp. boiling water.
3 x ounces margarine.
8 x ounces icing sugar.
1 x tbsp. milk.
Almond nibblers.
Chocolate milk buttons.
Method for the cake:
Mix the cocoa powder and hot water together, set aside and allow to cool.
Sift the cake flour, baking powder and salt together in a bowl and set aside.
In another bowl , whisk the margarine and castor sugar till light and fluffy.
Add the cooled cocoa mixture and mix well.
Add 1 egg at a time and whisk for 2 seconds between each egg.
Fold in the flour mixture.
Mix well till everything is well combined.
Pour into a round greased 20cm cake pan.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 – 35 minutes or until the cake tester comes out clean.
Allow to cool in the pan for 15 minutes, before turning out onto a cooling rack and allowing to cool completely.
Method for the icing:
Mix the cocoa powder and hot water together, set aside and allow to cool.
Cream the margarine till light and fluffy.
Add the icing sugar and whisk together.
Add the milk and whisk.
Add the cooled cocoa powder mixture and whisk till well combined.
To assemble this cake:
Place one round cake on top of a cake board.
Evenly spread some icing over the top of this layer.
Place the second layer of cake on top of the icing.
Apply a crumb coat of icing all over the cake and pop into the fridge to chill for an hour or until the crumb coat icing is set.
Apply a generous layer of icing all over the cake, sprinkle with almonds and place chocolate buttons on the cake.
Pop back into the fridge and allow to set for a further 20 minutes.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Bobby Swanson‎
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