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Bonus Tracie Forbes Blogger Education Network

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Tracie Forbes Blogger Education Network.  Tracie has been blogging for more than 11 years! After selling her first site for more than six figures, she started teaching others how they too, can set up and run a profitable blog. She approaches teaching differently than most as she believes in not only the “why” but also ensures everyone learns the “how-to” aspects as well. Upon completion of any of her courses, you’ll have a clear understanding and know exactly what to do to implement what you’ve learned.

Come and join and please Subscribe to Tracie Forbes where she will help you to stop struggling and teach you how to blog through her numerous and wonderful courses.

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Tracie Forbes Blogger Education Network

Buy Now: Profitable Blogging Roadmap 

Profitable Blogging Roadmap

Profitable Blogging Roadmap can help:

What to blog about, A, B or C or even Z

What should I call my blog?

Where do I start to create this magical ‘website’

Now I have to learn WordPress language, and I have no clue where to start

I want to make a pretty website, how to do that, and have it just the way I want.”

You for sure need this course, so do not wait, this is written by a blogger for bloggers.

Buy Now: Product Perfection 

Product Perfection
“Where to start, Which product to create, What’s the legal aspects, How to set up ‘shop’, What to charge, How to sell, How to market.
This and so much more can be found in this course, so why wait.”

Buy Now: Profitable Blogger’s Holiday Guide 

Holiday Guide

“Here you will find all the info on what to do as a Blogger for the holiday season, as the holiday season is an awesome opportunity to not only gain more traffic but you can also make more money.”

Buy Now: Precision Pinning eBook

Precision Pinning

“You need to understand how to use Pinterest to its fullest potential so that you catch your audience’s attention and get them excited to click through and read your latest post!”

Buy Now: The Blogtionary 

The Blogtionary
“The Guide to Understanding Blogging Terminology
Are you tired of trying to understand Blogging terminology? What does it mean when they talk about TOS, just to name one! “Terms of Service”
Tracie did an awesome job of explaining it, so take a look. “

Buy Now: Facebook GPS 2.0 

Facebook GPS 2.0

“We have by now heard all about Facebook algorithms and what it does to you.  The moment you think you have figured it out and your Facebook group or Page are doing well, then all of a sudden nothing seems to be working and you find out that Facebook made another algorithm change.  What now?  Well not to worry.  This Facebook GPS course will give you the know-how of what to do and how to do it without being online 24/7.”

Buy Now: Start a Blog Bundle

Start a Blog Bundle

“You’re ready and geared and fired up to get serious and start a blog and wish to make money as well.  You have done your research on the Internet, YouTube, etc. but are still confused as to exactly what to do and how to do it in the limited time you have and not waste any precious time.  You can do all this when you reach out to Tracy as she will hold your hand through this process and teach you all you need to know on how to make your blog a success. “

Buy Now: Advanced Coaching with Tracie 

Advanced Coaching with Tracie

You need some help as an intermediate blogger, to help you with all your biggest (and smallest) blogging questions!  Look no further, reach out to Tracie as you will be looked after, and she will guide you in through face to face video lessons and guide you all the way to success.

Buy Now: Sponsored Success 

Sponsored Success
“How would it feel to get paid to create new content for your blog?
Yes, you write the post for your OWN blog and then get paid to do it by clients willing to pay you as they want to be featured on your blog. This will be totally neat and it can be done.
The SPONSORED SUCCESS course will hold your hand and show you just how to do this.”

Buy Now: Affiliate Marketing Roadmap

Affiliate Marketing Roadmap

“You have your blog up and running, you succeeded and have a mailing list with readers, but still battling to make money as you are unable to sell your products.  Now that’s where this thing called Affiliate Marketing comes in handy.  

You sign up with an Agency, and you market their products, and they pay you a commission for the products you sell.  You do not have to create these products, you sell them to your clients, but it must be something they are interested in.  

Did you know there is an art to doing affiliate marketing?  Well, you will find out all about it in this course.”

Buy Now: List Growth 

List Growth
“You need to take your email list more seriously, as you can not rely on other SM to do that due to algorithm changes.
Here you have all put together in a nutshell for you and after you worked through this, you will know exactly that to do and how to go about to substantially grow your email list.”

Buy Now: Blogging Playbook

Blogging Playbook

“You are ready to blog, looking for an affordable blogging course (unable to pay $1K or more for one course) and still not know what to do.  You have tried free courses, but still do not get anywhere and back at square one, and so overwhelmed and even more confused than before you started. 

Tracie beautifully summed this up and below you will see the lessons included in this course from her:

  • Definitions of the lingo so you’ll finally understand what the heck everyone is talking about!
  • Parts of your website with an easy to understand breakdown of how they work together.
  • Which type of WordPress to use to build a self-hosted website (yup, there’s more than one type of WordPress!)
  • Video walkthroughs of how to set up your site, configure your settings and install both themes and plugins.
  • How to customize your theme so your site looks exactly the way you want.
  • And tons more!”

Buy Now: Posting Perfection 

Posting Perfection
“Here you will find the step by step process of writing a perfect post from planning to execution designed for you by a blogger.
You will be able to write your post and keep your reader on your site and also make Google happy at the same time.”

Buy Now: Easy Printables

Easy Printables

“You have all these wonderful ideas of the images you wish to add to your blog posts, but absolutely no clue where and how to start to put them together.  Which programs to use, (Canva, PicMonkey, etc), and then they talk about color palates, for the blog and now which colors will work together.  I only want to blog, and am not a designer, so please help.  Well, this Easy printable course will do just that for you.  In no time, you will be designing awesome and beautiful and attractive images for your posts as well as other printables for your blog. “

Buy Now: Blog Analytics 

Blog Analytics
“Are you wondering how many people come to your website on a daily basis?
Do you wish to know how to create and submit a Sitemap to Google?
Are you looking to find out how to connect Google Analytics and Search Console to your website?
Learn about SEO and Keywords”

Buy Now: Productivity Planner 

Productivity Planeer

“Running a blog and maintaining and juggling 10 different things simultaneously can be daunting and stressful, to say the least. You do need a plan and a map to work with, so have a look at the Productivity Planner course.”

Buy Now: Coaching with Tracie

Coaching with Tracie

“As a beginner, with little or no money to spend on courses and coaching, you need not fret, because Tracie will help you with weekly lessons, instant access to all videos, and what’s best, you can revisit them, again and again, to refer to refresh as well as one on one feedback.”

Blogger Education Network Printables

Buy Now: Blogging Playbook Workbook (Printable)

Buy Now: Ultimate Blog Planner (Printable) 

Buy Now: Blog Content Planner (Printable)

Buy Now: Niche Planning Guide (Printable)

Bou Now: Choose a Niche (Printable)

Buy Now: Niche Down (Printable) 

Buy Now: Swipe & Type (Printable)

For more on Courses and Resources, please visit our Resources Page for more information and lots more.

  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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