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Breakfast and Brunch

30-days healthy muffins with red and green cherries and nuts

30-days healthy muffins

Make these and you will be a Super Hero Mom
Mix up a batch of this muffin batter and store it in the refrigerator.
Serve the family healthy fresh muffins each morning for breakfast, or pack it in for school or even when you have unexpected last-minute guests arriving for an impromptu visit.
It’s a basic recipe that you should keep at all times.
The best part, other than the smell of freshly baked muffins wafting through the house, is that you can make them as healthy as you like with chopped nuts, dried fruit, blueberries, seeds, grated carrot, and spices – the possibilities are endless.

Breakfast Berry Smoothie with almond slivers

Breakfast Berry Smoothie

Breakfast Berry Smoothie with almond slivers Ingredients 1-1½ cups frozen blackberries 1 banana 4 heaped tbsp Greek low-fat yogurt 4 Medjool dates a small handful of cashew nuts Unsweetened coconut milk Slivered almonds for decoration Method Combine all ingredients (not almonds) in a blender and blitz till silky. Decorate if you prefer with almonds. I normally … Read more

Sunday Brunch

   Well, how do one write out a recipe for this one?? OK, let’s try this … 1 Ciabatta bun – toasted Butter each half Add some bacon bits on one for hubby Use some left over turkey from your Easter meal (for myself), cut or break into fine shreds. Mix with a teaspoon of mayonnaise and … Read more