Caashifa's Cheese Crackers/Chips

TRH Caashifa's Cheese Crackers Chips
They are super easy to make and you can make variations as per your liking.
Grated cheese of your choice (I like yellow cheddar – mozzarella & mixed white cheddar)
Optional extras
* jalepenos
* onion
* herbs
* flavourings like – garlic salt / salt and pepper
Put a thin layer of the cheese at the bottom of a muffin tin then bake till brown.
Watch so it doesn’t burn.
Temperature and timing depends on the oven and cheese.
These can also be made in the microwave.
You can mix the herbs or spices into the grated cheese before baking or you can add them on top before baking.
Once browned, loosen and lift gently.
Allow to cool completely.
They will be soft and get hard as the cheese cools.
Keep refrigerated
Prepared, tried and tested by: Caashifa Adams Young

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