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Carolina Russo Interview GiveAway

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YesterdayAfter is Carolina’s Design Studio & Atelier where her art evolves.

We hope that you will enjoy this Interview and Yes, did we say “GIVEAWAY” – sure we did, so sit back and relax, read to the very very end, and then follow all the steps and get yourself entered for a GiveAway of the most awesome Artwork.


Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

First of all, I want to thank Esme’ for inviting me to this interview I appreciate this very much. What a nice opportunity to be featured on her Blog and to partner with me for something special.

I am Carolina, the Artist behind the Blog YesterdayAfter, also known as “Carolina Russo Art”, and an independent full-time Artist and Illustrator. I was born and raised in Italy but now live in USA California since 2002. Most of my life I have been surrounded by beautiful Italian art and creativity, lots of history and antiques, nonetheless Mediterranean traditions and European influences. In Italy, I studied Art & Design and Jewelry. During the past 20 years, I evolved in my passions, experiencing my artistic visions. I am a self-taught watercolor painter and also taught myself various other skills and art forms. I love to create! My creativity extends to Watercolor Painting, Illustration, Digital Art, Photography, Jewelry and Fashion Design, Poetry and more.


Describe how did you first get into blogging?

I started this blog four years ago in 2015. At that time my intent and primary focus was to launch my Jewelry Design Collections and the opening of my Etsy Jewelry Shop and I wanted to promote my creations via an online store as much as I wanted to share my art with the world. So I decided to include my paintings and share all my creative work in one place instead than have several websites. I am an independent full-time artist and illustrator which is my primary focus right now in 2019.

My blog is shaped by my personality, creativity, ways of expression, and passion for all that I love and inspires me. I am an artist with a free spirit, I like my creativity to be authentic and free and this is reflected in my Blog/Shop which I have fully customized featuring my paintings.  I like to write all my posts in the “Now” as I write at the moment and I decide and publish them when ready, so rarely plan or schedule any of my posts. My Blog turned out to be much more than just showcasing my Jewelry Designs.


What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?

I am present on social media trying to post and share daily or whenever possible and love to engage with my followers and I have joined several great Facebook groups. I think that having an online active presence and my hashtags #carolinarussoart and #yesterdayafter it is very important for what I do, being an independent artist it is very hard, as there is so much online that is not easy to be seen into the ocean of millions as I am only a little almost invisible drop trying to be seen through the lenses of my art.

It is not easy to grow a great community of followers and real supporters that stays with you which is vital for me since I made the decision some time ago that my art is my path, my livelihood and not my hobby. I love deeply and appreciate all my followers as they are a wonderful support and their words and actions encourage me daily to keep going on doing what I love. My aim is: “What makes me happy is to give happiness and inspire people through my Art and give feelings to the heart and deep to the soul!”


What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

A couple of years ago, I wanted to keep the blog active involving others and having scheduled events. I used to have a weekly “Meet and Greet” and a monthly “Featured Blogger” the two events were somehow connected. At that time I gained good traffic and new followers and great connections. I loved to have that weekly get together, and we all were looking forward to it and I had it running for two years. Once in a while, I still like to have a session of Meet and Greets as it is always a great way to connect and discover new blogs. What I do now is Interviews whenever I have someone I like to feature that has somehow a connection with what I do or that I invite.


How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

A personal blog is a great way to open your door and let the world know that you’re here and have something to offer or to say.  My Blog overtime became my Gallery and my Showroom, the virtual open door to my studio. On my blog, I offer a direct connection with the people that love my art or wants to collaborate with me for illustration or custom work. I have collaborated so far with authors and musicians.  I offer the opportunity to shop directly from my Artworks and my Jewelry designs in one place.  My Blog is part of my daily life, I like to inspire and help others.  There is a lot of work behind it to keep all my galleries up to date and events is pretty big I have lots of pages to visit. I love every minute when I work on it!


In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?

I hope my Blog would be always a part of my personal development of my art business and a wonderful way of connecting with others around the world. Because of my blog, I get to connect and collaborate internationally with some amazing projects! I am based in USA California, although many of my Limited Edition Prints and paintings are in UK, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Germany and more…my blog is a vital part for what I do.


Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

My goal is always to complete my projects and yes I have a collaboration project that is in the plan for this year, although I cannot talk about it as yet, all I can say is that it is a very exciting project.

I also plan to create new Jewelry designs for my “Among Nature Collection”, and of course I will create more and more new paintings and prints. I am always open to custom requests and to collaborate for books illustrations, covers and anything else I am able to do, I will see what the universe will send to my way.


Strength and Harmony Necklace
Strength and Harmony Necklace



When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

In our lives we all experience good days and bad days, I love to meditate as it helps a lot mentally and physically to raise positive vibrations and to let go of stress and worries. I make it a daily habit and I really look forward to that time of quiet and peace. I also love to walk or work out and spend time in nature, or whenever is possible near the ocean where I like to search for seashells, fossils, stones, the special treasures I use in my jewelry pieces.


What Inspires you?

My inspiration comes from everything that surrounds me no matter where I am, or if it’s day or night. I love to create anytime or the day, but late evenings are a favorite when all is quiet and calm. Any place or anything is inspiring, it just matters to be open to receive that magic spark of inspiration when it suddenly hits you with an idea for your creation, then you need to grab it, and transform it into art. Don’t lose your inspiration!

For me, If I am not ready to paint I take notes or a quick sketch for later. “Nature” is my greatest inspiration for my Jewelry Designs. I often use objects found in nature, hand-picked by me in special places I visit. All my creations are hand made using only beautiful natural gemstones, seashells fragments, fossils, wood and crystals which I combine with precious and semi-precious metals. These special finds are the inspiration starter for my pieces.


What’s your favorite quote and why?

My favorite quote is actually one that I wrote and is:

Bring the light within you and shine upon all…” – CR

Why do I like it? I find it to be motivational and inspiring, we are unique souls and we have so much within to bring out to this world, we have a wonderful light and we need to let it shine whatever we are doing.

Thank you again, Esme!
I loved to be here and much love to all that took the time to read, thank you and I invite you to visit and connect with me over at my Blog!


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As promised, you can now enter (see “how to” below) for this most incredible GiveAway of two most gorgeous paintings done by Carolina.  She generously donated one of her paintings, and I sponsored the other prize.  Yes, we have TWO prizes, so keep reading and you will find all the particulars on how to participate.

You for sure do not want to miss this opportunity to receive an incredible print done by Yesterday After – Artwork by Carolina


This is a very special “Giveaway” we will have two lucky winners!
Each Winner will receive a Fine Art Print signed and hand enhanced by artist Carolina Russo. Prints are from her latest original watercolor paintings shown in the images above:

Prize #1 “Gaia’s Anemones”
8×10-inch Limited Edition Print, Hand Enhanced, numbered and Signed

New Painting – Gaia’s Anemones…


Prize #2 “Ectoplasm”
5×7 inch Open Edition Print, Hand Enhanced, Signed



Giveaway Duration

7 Days:  Starting date:  Friday, July 5 to Friday, July 12th

Enter to win one of these awesome prizes – it’s up for grabs!

Carolina GiveAway
Carolina GiveAway


If you would like to enter and have your name added to win one of these beautiful prizes please be sure to follow the rules and complete the required 4 steps. When you have completed the below 4 steps, your entry is valid and your name will be entered for the GiveAway.

We will do a random lucky draw, and our decision will be final.  We will make contact with the two winners by email to ask for your mailing address in order for Carolina to mail your prize.

Good luck all!


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4) Last but not least:  Come back to this post, leave a comment including the words “GiveAway Done!”

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Important Note

Just know that “likes” alone to this post aren’t a valid entry for the Giveaway! Winners would be verified and confirmed. You win if you have completed all the steps.

We will randomly pick the two Winners between all the people who left comments and did follow the rules! So please make sure to do all the 4 steps!

Winners would be randomly picked and announced with a new post here on my Blog. Thank you to everyone for following me and Carolina and taking the time to participate and supporting us and this event.


Good Luck everyone!


Carolina and Esme

  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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