Carol's Bread Pudding

Carol's Bread Pudding
Since I have lived in Thailand you would not believe the amount of ex.pats (men) who love Thai food but crave a good old English pudding just like mum used to make Bread Pudding.
An old Favorite of my dad’s.
I keep all of my bits of stale bread in the freezer until I have enough for a pudding.
2/3 Ib of bread (brown /white) or mixed.
1-2 tbsp Mixed Spice ( I also add cinnamon and maybe a bit more spice)
2 eggs beaten
3 oz butter melted.
12/16 oz dried fruit (sultanas or raisins)
Put bread in large mixing bowl and cover with water or mix or milk and water to soak.
When soft I squeeze out in colander as much liquid as I can.
Add melted butter, mixed spice, eggs and fruit and combine.
I like lots of spice and fruit so if I think it needs more at this point then I add it.
It is one of those dishes where you can add what you like for example if I have had some other fruit left over as in cranberries or blueberries I would add.
Put in hot oven 180C for 1 hour.  If top seems to be browning too quickly then reduce heat a little.
It should rise a little by end of cooking.
Remove from oven and sprinkle with sugar.
This is when I invoke my rights to cooks perks and have the 1st bit, to try of course, as it’s yummy hot and straight from the dish.
It is also great served with custard or cold if there is any left, ha ha.
It also uses up all your bits of stale bread.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Carol Taylor
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