Carol's Guide How to make your own Buttermilk

TRH Carol's Guide How to make your own Buttermilk
I posted a recipe for Buttermilk bread recently, but I know sometimes I don’t always have buttermilk available or can’t get it, so here are a few ways you can make your own.
There is more than one way to make buttermilk.
Firstly I will show you the original way, afterwards, I will show you a quick and easy substitute. Also a non-dairy option.
A cup of raw fresh milk.
Allow the milk to sit covered on the kitchen top for 2-3 days until it has clabbered.
N.B: THE TERM “CLABBERED” means unpasteurized milk which has turned sour over time, the milk thickens or curdles into a thick yoghurt like texture with a strong, sour like flavour.
Put a 1/4 of a cup of the clabbered milk into a pint mason jar, add a cup of fresh milk. Note: This does not have to be raw milk.
Cover, shake to mix and let it sit at room temperature until it has clabbered again.
Repeat this step called sub-culturing several times until the milk clabbers in a 24hr period.
Now taste a little bit, it should be thickened and have a tart, but not bitter taste.
To make a quart of buttermilk with this culture add 6 ounces of culture to the jar and fill with fresh milk.
Cover, shake and let it sit at room temperature until it has clabbered.
Refrigerate, it is now ready to use.
I love that word clabbered, but we can’t all get raw milk, like I can here, so never fear Carol is here
If you find a recipe which requires buttermilk, see my recipe for Buttermilk Bread and you don’t have any buttermilk, then try this.
To a cup of milk add either lemon juice or vinegar.
To 1 cup of milk add 1tbsp lemon juice, let it sit for 2 minutes and it is ready to use.
If you want 2 cups then it’s 1 tbsp plus tsp of lemon juice. It doesn’t require 2 tbsp to curdle the milk.
It won’t be as thick and creamy as true buttermilk and is not suitable for dressings.
But is perfect for pancakes, bread recipes, any baked recipes asking for buttermilk.
You must use this mixture within an hour of making as it will not keep.
Non-Dairy – Option:
1/4 cup of Almond Milk plus 3/4 cup of almond milk yoghurt plus ½ tsp of vinegar.
Stir well, stand 2 mins and ready to use in your favourite baking recipes.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Carol Taylor‎ 
Addendum received from: Joelene Fish Anand
Butter milk is also hard to get here. I use 2 cups of milk with 3 tbls of plain yogurt.
Let the milk get luke warm add your yogurt and stir till combined.
Place it in the microwave for 8 hours undisturbed.
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