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How do You Blog

Blogging has spread far and wide and whether you do a free blog or a paid hosted blog the chances are that you have “dabbled”. Maybe you have a string of free blogs because you couldn’t decide where you fit? Or maybe you were more organised and knew straight from the start which topic you would go for. Whatever direction you came from, at times you would realise that it can and often is hard work.

Garden Talk: Preparing a Relaxing Nook

When someone thinks “nook” you may think of a secluded corner.  A nook is, therefore, a set-apart spot. It is somewhere prepared to take time out from what you might normally do. A “relaxing nook” has aesthetics which promise a calming place for the eyes to look at. This is Garden design at it’s best. Somewhere to help de-stress is a place you want to be.

Today will be a sharing of Evie’s garden from Magpie Haven. Evie’s garden is her passion. She is in her element when she can work towards making each spot an attractive part to observe. She loves to see it grow during her time off on busy days. She will often spend rest times watching birds cavort around when she feeds them. This can be magpies as well as other species being ever-present to get some food reward that she offers.

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