Happiness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity

Happiness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity

A big welcome to our next Guest: Anindya Rakshit

self1I come from Calcutta, a major metro city from the eastern shores of India. A banker by profession, I have been a sportsman for a long time as I am very fond of playing table tennis, maybe a little bragging will do no harm, I’m kinda good at it….:):)…..and I am absolutely crazy about music, been listening, sharing, collecting, experimenting, researching with music for quite a long time now since childhood……so, my blog will have ample features of music…….Love meeting new people, making new friends, exploring different cultures and languages……..and I fall in love very easily…..with so many things….:)


How To Make A Toast Bread Tuna Pizza 

I am so happy to introduce you to our next Guest here today, Thelma Alberts  She has a multitude of pages, see the end of this post where you can connect with her

Thelma Octoberfest

I was so surprised and happy when Esmé invited me to write a guest post to her The Recipe Hunter site. It was also a coincidence that at the same time she invited me, I was reading her blog about being a guest poster. I met her in The Recipe Hunter facebook group and since then I love interacting with the group. It took me a few weeks until I was ready to submit this guest blog of mine. Thank you for the invitation, Esmé  🙂  (more…)

The Culinary Alphabet. The letter C.

The Culinary Alphabet. The letter C.

Carol Cooks Letter C

Good morning and welcome to my monthly post, I was going to say from sunny Thailand but having endured temperatures topping 100 degrees over the last two weeks which was great for Songkram which is Thai New Year lots of water and yes if I dared venture outside I got very wet but all good fun.  We are now in the middle of a lovely tropical storm which has cooled things somewhat. (more…)

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