There was a time when I was younger that taking the time out for the joy of hospitality happened often.  I had a single child at home (not being able to have any further children) and I made it a regular occurrence to have many people "grace" our table particularly for this reason.  I would even have people stay overnight who were from other regions. At one time I had 22 people over and a family of ten staying in "ground level"sleeping arrangements. They were busy years but I enjoyed the throng of people that made their way to our humble dwelling and what I learned along the way.

We are all different and all have something to offer when it comes to organizing meals. You might be very organized in what you do around your home or you might be a "do it by the seat of your pants kind of girl".  I have to say that I have quite a bit of the latter if the truth be known. But even I know that I am much better when I have quite a few things organized including meal planning. So "how to make meal planning work for you"? Let's first look at what not to do!