Chocolate Clusters Treats


Vegan delights – such yummy Chocolate Clusters Treats  


125g Coconut Oil/Butter
1½ Cups Sugar
½ Cup Cocoa
½ Cup Soy Milk
3 Cups Rolled Oats
1 Cup Coconut
½ teaspoon Vanilla


Chocolate Clusters Treats


1) Mix the first four ingredients and boil for exactly 5 min.
2) Stir in the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.
3) Drop teaspoonfuls onto a baking sheet and leave to cool. (Can put it in the fridge to fasten this process)

Please note that this recipe actually asks for 2 Cups of sugar. When I made them I only use 1½ Cups of sugar.  It was still very sweet but nevertheless truly yummy.  Next time I will make it with only 1 cup of sugar as the Coconut Oil/Butter already provide it’s own sweetness.

Prepared, tried and tested  Sarien Slabbert