CHOCOLATE MOUSSE and then to top it off, some aero peppermint bubbles added – Oh so yummy


300g white chocolate
300g (70% cacao) dark chocolate
750ml cream (beaten to stiff peaks)
300g Whole Nut chocolate
8 eggs (separate yolks and white)
Aero Peppermint Bubbles, as mint is my favorite




Melt the chocolate in a large bowl in the microwave at 70% power for approximately 2 minutes, and then beat further with a wooden spoon till all melted and mixed. Let it cool down slightly.
Add the egg yolks and ¾ of the whipped cream with the chocolate and mix together.
Beat the egg whites till fluffy and dry and add ½ of the egg whites with the cream and chocolate mixture. Mix well.
Now add the remainder of the egg whites and mix till no white visible but do not over mix.
Spoon into pretty single serving glass holders or in one big bowl.
Decorate with Aero balls and leave in the fridge till set and enjoy.
I kept the remainder of the cream and will add a dollop to each portion when serving.
As it’s a rather big chocolate mousse, you can go with half of the recipe, but be prepared that you may end up wishing you made the full recipe

Prepared, tried and tested Esme Slabs


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