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Christy Birmingham: Interview

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Are you looking for inspiration? Hope? Do you want to learn about how women are changing the world every single day? Read Christy Birmingham: Interview

If so, I suggest that you visit Christy‘s blog When Women Inspire

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Absolutely! I love cheering on women and helping them to reach new heights, personally and professionally. It makes me happy. It is my life purpose. That’s why I started When Women Inspire, a blog devoted to supporting women, as well as showcasing females who are making a positive difference.

When Women Inspire Logo

How would you describe your blogging style?

I have a down-to-earth approach to writing because, well, that’s who I am. I don’t try to speak down to readers, even when I’m telling them about something new to them. So, I hope that readers feel like we are having a conversation rather than me talking non-stop with them just listening. That’s why one of my favorite parts of the blog is reading the comments that come in on blog posts because then we’re having a conversation!

What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?

I don’t think there’s a blanket answer here for every blogger. Instead, the best strategy depends on where your audience lives online and where you’re comfortable hanging out. For example, I connect with a lot of women easily on Twitter. But for another blogger that might be Instagram instead. Or Pinterest. Or… You get the picture.

Also, I like to see what over bloggers are writing about, so I visit lots of them and leave comments. The blogging community is so supportive that often I get reads back at my blog from those blogs I’ve visited, which increases views at my own blog. And that’s so kind of others!

What would be your ideal work environment?

Great question! If I could work in any place, it would be in a room with big windows that allow me to look out on nature while I’m typing at my computer. It would have an ergonomic desk and chair, as well as a cup of coffee always at my side. Our cats would be there too! Their purring and rubbing against my leg help me feel content.

If you could ask your pet three questions, what would they be?

Ooooh! Well, we have two cats so I would ask each of them the same questions and find out what they think – and how they think differently!

Here goes: (1) Why do you go on the bed every time I want to change the sheets? (2) Do you wish you were behind the keyboard instead of looking at it from the side? (3) What do I do that annoys you?

Tell me about a time when you face an unexpected challenge as a blogger and how you handled it?

A few years ago I guest posted on a site after receiving an encouraging email from an online contact about her new writing platform. It was on the topic of gender equality. Shortly after it was published, a long comment was left on my post that was full of hate for feminists as a whole. I was attacked personally, although I’d never had communication with this person before.

I recall that I resisted replying at the same level. Instead, my reply was that agreeing to disagree about issues advances the issues, but personal attacks don’t. Especially when there were no suggested solutions by the commenter.

Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

I’d love to continue with and have a booming store of clothes and other items that showcase how fabulous women are! I’m hoping to open an online store later this year. I also want to have many more female spotlights by that time, as well as a team of writers who regularly help me create and publish posts.

What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

I love that it’s through blogging that I’ve met amazing people around the world. These friendships have stemmed from their comments on my blog, my comments on their blogs, and social media remarks about posts. I welcome the opportunity to travel more and meet many of these writers in person one day!

How do you turn blog traffic into subscribers?

Make the follow button easy to find, firstly. I’ve visited some great blogs, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to subscribe to them for notification of future posts. Also, keep writing quality content about topics that are of genuine interest to you. When you do so, the writer feels it and wants to read more from you. How do they guarantee they don’t miss out on posts you write tomorrow, next week, and next month? They hit the subscribe button! You’ve already got them at your blog, and you want to keep them there as subscribers. Don’t give up either if you’re not growing the follower count very fast. It takes time to get the word out about your written content. That’s natural.

What motivates you as a blogger?

Many things! I love to write – it’s a big part of who I am. So blogging is a natural extension of that passion. Also, seeing fabulous females around me is a big motivation. I want to share their stories, cheer on commenters at the blog, and contribute positivity in a harsh world.

Thanks for having me as a guest today, Esme! Wishing you all an amazing blogging journey.

~ Christy

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4 thoughts on “Christy Birmingham: Interview”

  1. Hi Christy. What a fun interview! I already ‘know’ you from your blog, but I learned some new things here too. Love the questions to your cats – did you get any reply? And your dream of owning a “booming” store of clothes and items for women is so exciting! I’d visit it for sure, and I’m also sure I’d find some items I just “had” to have. 🙂 Keep on doing what you do.

    • Hi Pamela – Great to see you here and that you enjoyed Christy’s interview. I quickly and very briefly popped to your blog, and I love it. Would you like to be featured here as well, it’s Free!!


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