Coconut macroons

Coconut macroonsTried Tested
– 3 x cups desiccated coconut.
– 1 x tin condense milk (385g).
– Green and red cherries chopped up.
– Extra coconut to roll the balls in.

– In a large bowl add the coconut and the tin of condense milk.
– Mix together until the coconut and condense milk are well combined.
– Form walnut size balls, roll each ball into the extra coconut.
– Place a piece of cherry on top of each ball.
– Place in a greased baking sheet.
– Bake at 180 degrees for roughly 10 minutes.
– Check the bottom on the biscuit regularly because they tend to brown very quickly at the bottom.
This is a family recipe, I made it and took the picture myself

TRIED AND TESTED, Baked and Posted by: Bobby Swanson

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