Creamy crispy chicken and mushroom

TRH Creamy crispy chicken and mushroom pan

Tonight I defrosted some large chicken breasts which I know to be rather dry so I came up with the following recipe.
Note that there are no exact measure as I just don’t cook that way, all depends on personal taste and what you have on hand.

– Cut deboned chicken breasts into large bite-size pieces.
– Spice some cake flour. (I used salt, pepper, chicken spice, mixed herbs and paprika)
– Roll chicken pieces in batches in the spiced flour.
– Heat butter in pan on stove, add chicken pieces to hot pan and brown all over
– Pour over some olive oil for flavour.
– Reduce heat and fry till almost cooked through. Keep scraping the bottom of the pan to get all the sticky, spicy goodness in your dish.
– Add some sliced mushrooms and a tablespoon or two thick cream. Stir through
– Cook till mushrooms are tender and serve.

Prepared, tried and tested by Suria Meyer


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