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Crispy Pork & Kale

Most delicious Crispy Pork & Kale

This a great stir fry if you are short of time.  You can pop the Pork in the oven and turn the rice cooker on while you shower and in just 5 mins or so when you are nice and refreshed food is on the table.  The more you cook it the quicker it is to prepare.


2 Belly Pork Strips
8 Large leaves of Kale
3/4 cloves Garlic, squashed with the flat blade of a knife
2/3 birds eye chilies
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
2/3 shakes of Maggi Sauce( seasoning sauce)
Half tbsp. Oil.


Cook Belly Pork in the oven until tender and crispy. For about 30 mins.
I normally cook the pork on about 180/200 degrees to start and then reduce heat slightly to 160 degrees.
When tender, turn up the heat to crisp the pork. Take out and chop the pork into bite-sized pieces.
Heat the wok or large frying pan and add half tablespoon oil.
Add crushed garlic and chilies, add little hot water and cook for 1 min…at this point the chilies may overpower you..ha ha….turn on expel fan and add chopped Kale.
Stems first if using them as they take longer to cook.
I use stems of Kale also if they are quite a thick slice into 2-inch pieces.
Cook for 2 mins and add remainder of Kale leaves and turn over a few times
I use fish slice as it is easy to turn the kale over.
Add 2 tbsp Oyster Sauce and 1 tbsp Soy along with few shakes of Maggi.
Taste and adjust if necessary. Cook for further 2/3 mins.
Add crispy Pork turn or stir a few times to mix.
Check the seasoning again and serve with steamed rice.

Prepared, tried and tested Carol Taylor

Crispy Pork & Kale

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