Dee’s Caramel Dessert

Caramel Treat Dessert
Dulce de leche is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its flavor from the Maillard reaction, also changing color, with an appearance and flavor similar to caramel

A recent audit of the pantry revealed a hoard of condensed milk.
I had no idea that so many cans were lurking on that upper back shelf!
Or did they procreate?
I had to bring the number down to a reasonable amount.  Five cans were popped into the slow cooker and after eight hours of slow simmer turned into delicious caramel, dulce de leche. Now, what to do with these reformed cans? Here’s yesterday’s idea:

1-liter full-cream yogurt, sugar-free.
1 can caramel
Four over-ripe bananas
5ml vanilla extract

Place all ingredients in blender and whizz until well blended.
Pour into clean bottle and leave to chill – makes about 1.5 liter
This mixture is still very sweet, so I use it with berries, kiwi or nectarines.
Delicious, eat with caution, you may not want to share!

Prepared, tried and tested Dee Harris

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