Dee's Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth
The Best Chicken Broth Ever!
I am a frugal cook, wanting to leave as little waste as possible.
I also want to enjoy tasty, nutritious food.
Once a week, a whole chicken carcass (this includes any residue skin) is frozen and when four have accumulated, these are tossed into the slow-cooker and turned in broth.
Now, the broth is more intense than stock.
The stock is the extracted flavor of the chicken and anything else that is added to the pot, whereas broth is made by using and consuming everything that is cooked up.
I use the same method with beef bones as well.
Place the carcass into slow cooker.
1 cup of vinegar, white or brown.
Clenched handful coarse salt.
Cover the bones with cold water.
Turn appliance onto HIGH for half an hour, then onto LOW for eight hours.
The aroma is intense, so I place the cooker in the garage so as not to overwhelm Number 44 with cooking fragrance.
I also place a bunch of celery into the pot to calm the aromas.
After eight hours, switch the cooker off, cover the pot with a towel to retain heat and allow to rest for an hour.
Strain and set the liquid aside, covered.
The bones will crumble easily. Using hands, squash all the bones, break up any cartilage and skin.
Place about 1/2 cup chicken liquid into a blender and add 1/5 of the mush. Blend well. Add another 1/5 and more liquid, blend.
Continue until all the mush has been placed in the blender and processed.
I usually have a yield of about 1.75 liters of broth.
The flavor is concentrated, so use to your own taste. It is full of wonderful nourishment.
Freeze small portions to use to boost soups, stews or sauces.
I used some to make a delicious chicken soup by adding vegetables.
Nothing wasted! And it is delicious and very good for you!
Prepared, tried and tested Dee Harris
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