Dee's first meal of the day

Dee's first meal of the day
Breaking the fast should not be considered in a hurry. This meal should be the most anticipated and thought out one of the day. If in a rush, your body does not really benefit, does not get the message that it has been fed.
Because of my varied working hours, I prepare this meal ahead of time, with care.
Breakfast on the run in a wide neck glass jar
80ml raw rolled oats
20ml chia seed
20ml almonds, ground
Spice – 5ml each ground cinnamon, ginger.
½ cup Rooibos/green/regular tea
Banana, ripe (I like over-ripe)
Kefir or plain unsweetened yoghurt.
Place first four ingredients into the wide neck jar.
Add tea of choice and allow to soak for a few hours/overnight.
Later, add sliced banana and some yoghurt/kefir.
Whizz with a stick blender until blended. Add more yoghurt/kefir to fill up to about 500ml.
Blend well – I use the handle of the wooden spoon to do this final blend.
Seal jar and refrigerate till needed.
The mixture should be nice and thick.
This is often enough to spread to lunch as well.
Filling and satisfying.
Cinnamon and oats stabilizes blood glucose and ginger has warming and anti-inflammatory properties.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Dee Harris‎ 
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