Dee's Hummus 

Hummus - my way
Such an enjoyable dip. I often make it and then share the excess with those who truly like it.
Usually, the chickpeas are soaked for two days and then slow-cooked, however, today I just went exploring in the pantry and excavated a can instead.
After opening the can, I left it to drain, reserving the liquid.
Then, hand minced a small onion and garlic (how much is up to you)
Juice of one lemon (I like to freeze lemon juice to ensure a ready supply)
Half cup of almonds.
Olive oil
Tahini, overflowing tablespoon.
Spices – half teaspoon each roasted paprika, turmeric and cumin.
In a food processor:
Blitz almonds until roughly ground, add onion and spice and process till well blended.
Add strained chickpeas and process until well chopped and blended.
Add lemon juice and Tahini mixed with a tablespoon of reserved liquid.
Run the processor.
While processing, drizzle in as much olive oil as desired. I like to use about 100ml.
This is not an ultra-smooth dip, rather it is full of texture.
I like to use it as a bread spread before adding other fillings.
Great for the lunch box with vegetables.
A wonderful source of calcium and healthy oils/fats.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Dee Harris
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