TRH Dhokra

– 1 x cup buttermilk.
– 1 x tsp cooking oil.
– 1 x tsp ginger and garlic paste.
– 2 x chopped green chillies (optional).
– 1 x cup semolina or tasty wheat.
– ½ x tsp salt.
– ¼ x tsp turmeric powder.
– ½ x cup frozen sweet corn.
– 1 x packet of original ENO salts
Vagaar to pour over the top: oil, mustard seeds, 2 x tbsp. coconut and chopped coriander.

– In a bowl mix all the ingredients together, except the eno and set aside.
– In the mean time, get your pot that you will be using for steaming ready.
– Add the eno to the mixture and pour into a greased dish and place in the steamer.
– Cover the steamer and allow to steam for 7 minutes, but I steamed mine for 20 minutes, because I wanted a firmer texture.
– Do not take the pot’s lid off as this will affect the raising process.
– Remove the dish from the steamer and pour the vagaar over while the Dhokra is still hot.
– Leave to cool and cut into desired shapes.

Prepared, tried and tested by Bobby Swanson‎

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