This is – Love doing “Life” Business

This is – Love doing “Life” Business

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Expressing — Love doing “Life” business


Welcome to our new bi-weekly series Love Doing “Life” Business presented by Deborah Hunter Kells


I am so thrilled and happy and wish to thank Deb for her willingness to share her knowledge with us in this column This is – Love doing “Life” business.  She has so much to offer and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I am looking forward to each bi-weekly installment.




Have an opinion? I have many – but have learned that principled living in whatever we do makes for the best life. Love and care – it seems to me makes the world go around.


I present various topics from learning and growing to blogging, organizing and earning and everything I can think of in-between. Well, almost!


I am a variety blogger so my scope is wide. I consider myself a forever student and am thankful for some of the great relationships I have made online.
My column as a guest poster for Esmé is This is – Love doing “Life” business


What about you – what Life business do you love doing?




You can find her over at her own blog:   DEBORAH HUNTER KELLS

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