Enjoy being better at writing

Ever wondered how you could enjoy being better at writing particularly, but not sure how?  One of the key issues is getting to do the actual writing down. Doing this is the aim without anything to hold you back. Don’t let the following do that!

This means

  • no editing
  • don’t analyze.
  • not correcting mistakes.

Remember the time taken to “clean up” your piece of creativeness can take more than actually putting it down in print. However, there are other points that are the second part here which is just as important.

Don’t waste your time and your reader’s time

A person who is reading what you put before them does not want you to waste their time. I am a habitual skimmer myself and am from the old school with regard to taking notes which currently is found to be great for the brain anyway. For a person to skim and take notice –

  • Include headings
  • Make good use of bullet points
  • Make use of the bold feature. Don’t over-do it however.
  • Use a grammar correction feature such as Grammarly so a reader doesn’t have a hiccup in their reading due to missed pronunciations, bad spelling and incorrect use of grammar. (Grammarly is a free writing assistant)
  • Make good use of Hemingway Editor which helps to make your work bold and clean. (Hemingway is a free editing app)
  • Get to the point early and make sure your reader knows “the aim of the game”.
  • Depending on what you are writing about, make sure your piece is well organized and easy to follow to a logical conclusion.

Enjoy writing so the reader enjoys reading

Simple things but very effective. Such as helping the reader see if you have new things to share or which they can agree with. IE – “I believe that too” Let your excitement show through your words. Let what you write have the power to be able to stay in the memory of your reader.

Find ways to Improve continually so you are better at writing

Constantly look for ways to improve your flow and how smoothly you communicate the written word. No matter where we are in our “word” journey there are always ways to improve.

You might consider getting a writing partner or attending a course/workshop. Do searches for suitable online courses. Check out my post on how to have better writing skills

As I’ve said – Writing is a journey – enjoy it!

Until later!

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