Es's Barbeque Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce

± 600-700g top sirloin or T-bone steak
3/4-1 small tin of green peppercorns
Fresh ground black pepper
3/4 cup of fat-free plain yogurt
Cook under the broiler or BBQ until 3/4 way done to your liking
Add freshly course ground pepper to the steak
In a saucepan, gently warm the yoghurt and add the green peppercorns
Dunk the meat in the warm sauce, and return to BBQ for a few minutes
When serving, pour the remaining yogurt over the steak
Served with zucchini/courgette
1 courgette sliced in quarters
Spray or paint with olive oil, to prevent it stiking to the BBQ grid
BBQ till done to your liking. We prefer our vegetables still on the crisp side
Recipe credit: Dukan
Modified, prepared, tried and tested by: Esme Slabs 

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