Es’s GF Bread and Butter Pudding – Guest Post by Esme Slabs, The Recipe Hunter 

Wow – I have been honored by Anindya Rakshit over @ My Daily Journal……… as he featured a Guest post of The Recipe Hunter on his blog.

Intro to the Guest Post:
I have great pleasure in introducing Esme and her beautiful blog on Food and her own tried and tested yummy recipes, The Recipe Hunter. Esme very sweetly showed her interest in doing a guest post on my blog responding to my request and I am very happy and honored that she decided to do so. Esme, originally from Cape Town, South Africa, is currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 20 years. Her blog is all about her love for good food and cooking. Please visit her blog to know all about her experiments with cooking and her wonderful recipes. Thank You, Esme, for writing on my blog.

Es’s GF Bread and Butter Pudding – Guest Post by Esme Slabs, The RecipeHunter

Please read the full post on his blog via the above link and please
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Thank you again Anindya for this honor!!
Thank you for sharing

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