Es's Split Pea and Pork Ham Hock Soup

Split Pea and Pork Ham Hock Soup
This reminds me of my dear belated Mother.  She just ♥ pea soup.  
900g (1 packet) split peas
± 1.25 liters boiling water (enough to cover the split peas to soak)
1 medium to large Pork Ham Hock (the bigger the better, depending on the amount of meat you prefer)
1 large chopped onion
Hot Water
Spices (this is totally up to you what you like to use in your soup).
We tend not to overdo it with spices, as we just ♥ the plain pea and ham flavor for this soup.
Add the boiling water to the peas and let it soak for ± 1 hour.
If the peas drink up all the water, feel free to add more, but DO NOT toss and drain whatever water you have left.  Keep it ***
Braise the onion in a little oil and set aside.
Cook the pork ham hock in a large pot with some water and spices till 3/4 way done.
Add ½ to 3/4 of the peas to the mix, plus extra water,  and cook till peas totally mushy and meat falling off the bone.
You can now cut the meat it into bite-size pieces but leave the bone up until the end for extra flavor.
Add the rest of the peas and onions (as well the water  *** you had left over from soaking the peas) to the pot.
Cook till soft, but NOT mushy. We prefer to have some texture, but if you prefer a smooth soup, feel free to puree all except the meat.
Serve hot with croutons (I use toasted GF bread cut into small cubes) and if you like add a drizzle of cream.
This is in my books = moreish.
As this is a huge pot of soup, we usually leave the rest overnight, or till cold, and dish into small containers and freeze for later use.
When you take it out, defrost at room temperature and add some boiling water to the mix and heat in the microwave and you have a wonderful ready in no time meal.
Prepared, tried and tested by Esme Slabs
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