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February 2017 Share and Inspire Others!

By: | February 1, 2017 | | 48 comments

Our theme for February 2017


If you need, check out the How to Participate  in our Share and Inspire Others! Monthly Exchange, but please  trh-come-back
February 1st
Theme will be announced and published on The Recipe Hunter blog.
February 10thSubmissions need to be received via email @ cookandenjoy@shaw.ca
February 15th – Release of all entries from participants on The Recipe Hunter blog.
February 20thPromote and do a post/reblog on your own blog, linking back to the original post.
Remember, the subject line of your email, should be marked as follows:

February 2017 – BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY

The TRIED AND TESTED recipe/s (maximum of 5 per blogger) you wish to  submit, can be a previously prepared recipe you already have on your blog.  No need to have made it yesterday, or last week.  As long as it fits the theme BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY, please email me @ cookandenjoy@shaw.ca
Please message-me on THIS POST, to let me know to check my email inbox email-inbox for your February entry.
I am looking forward to each and every BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY entry at your earliest convenience, but by the very latest trh-midnight Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada time.
Hope you will enjoy the below BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY  recipes, here on our Blog: The Recipe Hunter
Es’s Wholewheat Ciabatta Bread
Es’s Moist Strawberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread with nutsess-moist-strawberry-greek-yogurt-banana-bread-with-nuts
Es’s Petit Lemon loaf
Es’s Savory bread with Mrs. H.S. Ball’s chutney

  1. I was hoping to participate, but due to some health problems (pinched cervical nerve) I have a hard time working/typing on the PC. I am trying to keep up with my blog and such…
    (I do not have a sweet or savory bread recipe on my blog yet.) I hope to be able to participate in the future!

  2. sent you an email!

  3. I have a great apple bread recipe however it is tax season and working from 9am to 9pm is ‘taxing’ 🙂 plus there is the house and family. I actually put the book “How to manage your house without losing your mind” on hold at the local library. 137 are ahead of me. I may have lost my mind by time I’m able to read the book. Hopefully I can participate with the next one

    • All you need to do would be to send me the link, no more needed from your end at this point, but will understand if you do not see your way open to participate. Hope fully next month then. <3

      • Oh, I thought you may would like a photo etc. I will try after all I still need to complete my mystery blog award which you so kindly nominated me for. I will try to complete both tomorrow. Thank you so very much

        • Aweseome.
          Well deserved. Once you have posted your award please provide me with a link on my post then I can check out your post and nominees. ☆☆☆

  4. Hello there! Just sent you an email with 2 entries on Savoury Bread. 🙂

  5. Just sent you an email with my entry. How fun! Hope you’re also having fun playing along our Recipe Showdown challenge. Have a great week!

  6. And, I think I reblogged it too.

  7. Reblogged this on cookingforthetimechallenged and commented:
    Hi Everyone!
    Recipes are like food and meant to be shared and enjoyed with others.
    Please share your beloved tried and true sweet and savory bread recipes with the recipe hunter.
    Sharing is caring.
    With blessings,

  8. I am very happy to say that I sent you an email of my recipe!

  9. How awesome! I am sending you an email right now.

  10. I don’t have any bread recipe..But love to know if I can submit recipe using bread.😊 Thank you 😊

  11. Reblogged and will send you some recipes.

  12. Reblogged this on koolkosherkitchen and commented:
    Here comes amazing Esme The Recipe Hunter with the February theme. Jump into it, Beautiful People! Submit your recipes and get wider exposure and new friends!

  13. Thank you so much for reblog and your participation. Hope to see more if your lovely recipes in the months to come. 😊

  14. Thanks a ton for reblogging. Hope to see you again with the new theme in March

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