Feriel’s Easy and Tasty South African puddings

Easy and Tasty South African puddings

No dinner is complete without a dessert!

Strawberry Pudding
Store Ideal milk overnight in fridge
Drain 1 tin Koo cocktail canned fruit.
Keep syrup aside.
2 packets strawberry jellies
1 cup water and syrup of canned fruit

Whip ideal milk until foamy and thickish.
Add jelly mixture and whip well together.
Use a deep bowl for this pudding.
Set pudding and add the drained canned fruit and garnish with a flake chocolate.

Pineapple Dessert
1 tin ideal milk (chilled overnight in fridge)
2 packets Moirs pineapple jelly
440 g Rhodes crushed pineapple
One packet Tennis biscuits
Add 2 cups (500ml) boil water to jellies and set aside to cool off.

Whip ideal milk until frothy and creamy with hand beater,
Add the crushed pineapple.
Add cool off jellies and mix well.

In a square dish put whole tennis biscuits in it.
Pour the jelly mixture over it.
Add drained pineapple pieces over pineapple dessert, refrigerate until set.
Add a flake chocolate

Do the same with Raspberry pudding, add strawberries and Bliss cream strawberry yoghurt over pudding with flake chocolate

Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday

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