Feriel's Prawn and Kingklip Fish Biryani

Feriel's Prawn and Kingklip Fish Biryani
How to Make Fish Biryani
Boil 3 cups long grain Basmati rice in salted water with one cup Mcain Mixed veggies and 2 teaspoons fine rice spice until cooked.
Do not over cook
Strain in rice colander and set aside.
Spice fish and prawns or fish of your choice with aromat, fish spice and Fisherman seasoning.
Fry in shallow oil and set aside.
Slice 3 onions thinly and braise in oil.
Add one large sliced green pepper.Take out half of onion and green pepper. add salt to taste.
Set aside and mix with the cooked rice.
With remaining onions and green peppers add
5 grated fresh garlic,
one heaped teaspoon turmeric,
2 teaspoons mild Suhana chilli powder,
2 teaspoons Mother in Law masala spice and
1 teaspoon Rajah mild and flavorful spice.
Salt to taste.
Add half cup water and simmer for 5 minutes.
You can add more water if needed to make it saucy.
Fry potatoes, cut in rings until crispy. set aside.
Layered rice in deep pot
Add fish, prawns and fried potatoes slices and pour the curry sauce over.
Repeats above with another layer and ends lastly with a rice layer
Add pieces butter on top and put greased paper on and seal with lid and simmer on low heat until butter is melted.
Garnish with fresh Dhania (Cilantro leaves)
Prepared, tried and tested by: Feriel Sonday
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