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Garden Talk: Preparing a Relaxing Nook

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When someone thinks “nook” you may think of a secluded corner.  A nook is, therefore, a set-apart spot. It is somewhere prepared to take time out from what you might normally do. A “relaxing nook” has aesthetics which promise a calming place for the eyes to look at. This is Garden design at it’s best. Somewhere to help de-stress is a place you want to be.

Today will be a sharing of Evie’s garden from Magpie Haven. Evie’s garden is her passion. She is in her element when she can work towards making each spot an attractive part to observe. She loves to see it grow during her time off on busy days. She will often spend rest times watching birds cavort around when she feeds them. This can be magpies as well as other species being ever-present to get some food reward that she offers.


What it was like before the “relaxing” part took hold

This little front piece in Evie’s garden was sadly neglected. It lent itself to being overgrown. It also became a dropping off point. This was not a good look! It was towards the front of Evie’s farm entrance. A change was needed! She set about to change things. She did this by first taking away items that didn’t do justice to the spot’s possibilities. The picket fence was attractive. But one picket was missing and had to be located. The weeds held sway. This was both on the ground and in some vintage wheelbarrows.




Ideas were flying about. Ideas such as what could be used, placement, colors, and recycling of items. This spot would see change happen soon!


Doing some hard yards


Pebbles in another place in the garden needed re-location. Evie was worried about them being in the back garden. They could be tripped over when in walkways. So the pebbles it was decided would be moved to this troublesome spot. This spot after all needed rejuvenation. Evie was eager to move the pebbles. Even though she pulled a shoulder muscle she was determined that was where the pebbles would end up. 


Bigger rocks (from her land)  were chosen for the border. She also organized a covering underneath (old carpet underlay and some lino) to stop weeds growing through the pebbles. Recycling was often the order of the day where Evie’s gardening decisions were concerned. 


Arranging garden decor


A basic color for the relaxing nook was to be ocha and brownish (at least at first go). Two wheelbarrows previously filled with weeds were to stay as well as a vintage milk container. Extras that were added in were a white cane chair, 3 clay items – (a drain pipe with holes, an urn hung on the fence and a pot just beside). There were also pot plants, a tree stump for future “cuppas”, some romantic cushions with frills.




Final notes on Evie’s Relaxing Nook


It doesn’t take a great deal of time to re-arrange a neglected spot. Any spot can soon be something that will flourish and look beautiful. Evie sat down in the nook with a cuppa on the afternoon that her spot was finished. This was just the start since she had more garden plans in mind. There would be new flowering pots to be arranged and a lime tree to be planted in behind the picket fence. Also, alyssum to be grown in the bricks which had holes and flat pieces of rock set out as a kind of stepping stone to “relax” in this spot. Plus Evie looked forward to flower seeds sprouting from within the vintage wheelbarrows.


What you can do to prepare your own Relaxing Nook


When you are about to make a change in your garden, consider the following that you can include:


  • Two or more heads are better than one. Consider input from other gardeners or “ideas” people so that ideas flow back and forth. You can always piggyback off even extreme or outlandish ideas and come up with some unique ones!
  • Take stock of all that you have on-call that can be used in your new little nook. Don’t discount items that are being used in other spots. A “change is as good as a holiday” for some of what you have.
  • Although a theme isn’t always necessary (you can go for an eclectic look) consider having one so that things “flow” and feel natural to the eye. 
  • For the budget-minded consider rocks, branches, cuttings of plants for the spot and even broken items.
  • Since your nook is of the relaxing theme – put into place fragrant plants – lavender, rosemary, Pelargonium ‘Citronella’ (Scented Geranium), Freesias, Jonquils, Roses. These can remain in pots so they can be moved as you want.. 
  • If you want flowers which catch your eye – consider – Petunias, Johnny Jump-up, Daisies, Gerberas for example.
  • Consider having items in groups of three rather than even numbers so as not to be too “uniform”..
  • You have many options to choose for seating. These can be logs, old wooden seating, metal outdoor furniture, wicker or cane furniture, cement benches, purchased or hand-made seats. Use of pallets can be used with good effect here too 
  • If you want a place for refreshments or small meals – pop in a cafe table with matching seating.
  • Make use of semi-permanent cushions. Either fabric for short term or more hardy outdoor long-lasting ones.
  • Consider if your nook will be used at night and to have a romantic feel. Spread around some solar lights.
  • For the ground, you might use bark, small gravel, round cement or different shaped pavers, or even crazy paving.
  • Make use of different heights of items. Place in the shrubbery, hanging baskets, climbing plants. Terrace your nook to give an attractive element to your area.
  • Think of eclectic items to use: Ladders, ceramic ornaments, watering cans, metal buckets, statues, window frames – distressed or leadlight or both. An archway can also be another element which can be made attractive by including vigorous climbing and flowering plants.
  • If your spot is large enough – consider a small but simple pond.
  • Lastly, remember your nook is an evolving project. So depending on the time of year you can change things around dependant on the weather. Maybe bring in a portable fire pit in winter and a water theme in the warmer weather.


So there you have it – what will you include in a nook that helps you sit and relax?

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  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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