Grandpa Ron Crossman’s Traditional Biltong “Jerky”

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Traditional Biltong - Jerky  Tried Tested

This recipe my dad used from childhood in the 1930’s and so it is almost 90 years old and has been tried and tested by many and is still my favorite.

This will season 25kg of biltong “Jerky”
PS. Approx 35 grams of spices will do 1kg of meat.

500 grams of Kosher salt.
180 grams of Sugar.
20 grams of baking soda.
12,5 gram op pepper.
80 grams of Coriander.
Brown Vinegar.

You can use any beef cuts of your choice. From roast beef to inside round, topside, silverside and even filet.

Brown the Coriander on medium heat (do not burn it).
Grind the Coriander with a rolling pin or hand coffee grinder but not to fine. (do not use an electric grinder)
Mix all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
Cut your meat strips into 1and1/2 inches along the grain of the meat.
Dip the meat strips in the brown vinegar and pack in layers.
Sprinkle your spices on each layer before adding the next layer of meat strips.
Let it lay overnight, turning the meat once before hanging.
Use paperclips for your meat hooks.
Hang in a cool ventilated area with a fan on the lowest setting for faster results.

Source, Tried and Tested and prepared by Roy Crossman Snr

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