Albert’s Greek-style brinjal and meatball bake


Greek-style brinjal and meatball bake

Truly delicious and you don’t need a recipe. If you can’t make meatballs from scratch, use Knorr Meatball-fix! 

Cut brinjals lengthwise into slices about 5mm thick.
Chop up the odd bits to go into your sauce later.
Place in a colander and sprinkle with salt, let it sit for about 30 min.
Rinse the salt off under running water and pat dry with kitchen towel
Lay in a roasting tray and brush with olive oil.
Bake until soft and slightly browned – careful, they burn easily
Mix your mince for your meatballs – I added finely chopped onion, chopped fresh oregano, salt, paprika, black pepper, dried bread crumbs and an egg.
As an afterthought, I decided to add a bit of tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.
In the meantime, form oblong meatballs.
Wrap the meatballs in your baked brinjal slices.
Fry your cubed brinjal and a chopped red pepper until soft.
Add a tin of tomato and onion mix to the brinjal and red pepper to make your sauce. pice to taste
Pour the sauce over your brijal rolls and top with grated cheddar cheese mixed with dried bread crumbs.
Bake in a 180°C oven for about 40 minutes and serve with garlic bread and a nice salad.
Hope you enjoy!

Prepared, tried and tested Albert Opperman

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