G…uest #23: Health Eating Brown Rice Pilaf

Judy,  Blogger at Edwina’s Episodes and Author of Rhymes of the Times is back with another Guest Post.
Judy - Edwina's Episodes
As some of you many know, I am trying to implement some healthier lifestyle choices, and alongside incorporating more exercise into my day, I am aiming to eat healthier meals.
Sally's Healthy Brown Rice Pilaf
I am cutting back on carbohydrates but not cutting them out completely. Gone is the white bread, pastries and stodgy suet puds, and in comes brown rice, wholegrain bread and pasta in small quantities.
I came across this recipe on Sally Cronin’s website some time ago and was determined to try it, however, at that time I was not eating any pasta, bread or rice at all so it was put on hold. What I also love about this recipe is that it is so versatile, there are things you can add to it or omit, whatever works for you.  The fact that Sally explains the health benefits of the ingredients too makes it even more appealing!
Brown rice Pilaf
Now, I do not cook much in my house as my husband prefers to do it, but I CAN cook (if there is a recipe to follow at least)! I have linked to the recipe above, and I think that you will find it pretty easy to follow, I certainly didn’t have any trouble with it.
Brown Rice Pilaf2
The end result was absolutely delicious, not only that but it was filling too. It didn’t take that long to prepare and there was plenty for four generous portions. In fact it was so good that me and my husband had some for lunch the next day (I rarely eat leftovers), and I had some the day after too just to finish it up!
Why not give it a try, you will be glad you did!
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