Guest Post: Jelly or Jellyfish?

This is my first post as a Contributor  to “The Recipe Hunter”
Thank you for the invite Esmé.
Firstly I thought I would tell you a little bit about this slightly crazy, whimsical English lady who retired to sunny Thailand 7 years ago and is loving every minute of it.
I write, blog, make jewelery and love finding new recipes to make, Indian and Thai food being my very favorite. I also like to know things, so quite a few of my posts take a twist and you will get a recipe plus some, ha ha.
We also have a farm and as I can’t get my Christmas turkey here, so I am growing my own.
When I cook, I cook from scratch, I do not use packets, jars mixes of any sort or very rarely.  I make almost everything where I possibly can. I have always had this natural aversion to any food where I don’t know what is in it.  I even make my dogs food. But …. I also love chocolate.
Hence my posts are quite varied and give my readers an insight into life, food and traditions in the Land of Smiles.
Jelly or Jellyfish???
cartoon-2027730%20jellyfish.pngWell, that’s an easy one, lol, I love jelly with cream, ice-cream, yoghurt, fruit in any form, just love jelly or jello to my American friends. It’s easy to make as well, my favourite flavours are raspberry, orange and pineapple.
To make jelly:
Put ¼ cup cool water in a measuring jug and add 1 tbsp of Kosher pasture raised gelatine powder, stir briskly as it thickens quite quickly, then add 1 cup of very hot water, still stirring it, will now be thinner. Add your fruit juice and stir, pop in the fridge to set.
Now to the Jellyfish which seem to be increasing in numbers in our seas and I have quite vivid memories of being stung as a child and also very recently about 2 years ago and it hurts, the pain is quite severe,  but a lovely Thai lady came to my rescue and made this leaf poultice which at the time I didn’t ask what it was but it gave almost instant relief.
The increase in the jelly fish population are known as blooms 
Some interesting facts:
They have also caused a few major disasters.
In October 2009 when a 10 ton fishing trawler tried to haul in a net full of giant jellyfish the weight caused it to sink.
Then in June 2010 a nuclear power plant in Scotland was forced to shut down as they (jellyfish) clogged up its cooling system.
Should we eat them???????
Well they are big business in Asia especially in China where they are almost always served at weddings and parties and other big banquets.
The most popular, harvested jelly fish is the sand jelly Rhopilema Esculentum. Benefits: well it’s a controversal one as there is no known scientific conclusions published yet on the subject of how safe it is to eat jellyfish.
It is known that they contain only 5% fat and 80% protein BUT they also contain a level of residue aluminium which can be harmful.
FINALLY  would you eat them????
Me, probably not …..
Thank you for reading this post, I do hope you enjoyed it and getting to know me if you did then please share.
Until next time stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot!
Pictures are either taken by me (Carol) or are from pixabay and free to use.Guest Bloggger
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