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Guest Post

Words Raindrop Starfish Sea shore

And we Know that Kindness “Speaks”

Many of us have issues in life where we are brought under pressure. For community, financial, health, future, relationship issues – all affect us and bring out the best or worst in us. So where does that leave us when we are left out in the “cold” so to speak? We don’t know how to live up to our conscious in what kindness we “should” speak but sometimes don’t. WE can find times where we spit out venom and hate when we feel it is warranted. I am shocked sometimes myself when I might be full on when it comes to someone who abuses another or who hurts the innocent or someone who is unable to defend themselves. Is this right? Would Kindness only speak softly?  Only God speaks on that.

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Raindrops and starfish on seashore

Is Your Prejudice Unfair?

How Biased Are You?  Bias in all its forms has a strong effect on our outlook and decisions or choices that we make. The word Bias according to Oxford is inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair. We can often see in hindsight that biased choices can shape our life. For good or ill, for maturity or immaturity, you are doing things in a based way that has an effect on others as well. 

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