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Guest Submissions Wanted !

By: | October 18, 2017 | Tags: , | 12 comments

As October flies by I just want to remind all of you views and writers out there that I am taking guest posts for next month. I will be on break preparing for the deep dark winter months and possibly participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). So if you’d like your work and writing […]

via Now Accepting Guest Posts for November — The Ink Owl

I submitted a piece to Michael during his last submission request. This time the topic is food and I figured Esme’s blog was the best place to share the new request first.
That and test the sharing mechanism to my account here. Something of an experiment and long overdue, apologies Esme!
If you feel able to contribute hop over to The Ink Owl and join the fun. All you need is a post relating to food and a few answers to questions relating to the blogger and your blog URL. Free exposure, helps him, helps you.
Speaking of which, I should probably put my own link here too; just in case anyone wants to connect. Although, it’s not food in the conventional sense!

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Esme.

  2. Thanks Esme, looks like everything worked. I hope some of your foodies are keen to have a go too 😊

    • Thanks for sharing this here on my blog Garry – I am about to hop over and see if he would be interested in any of my recipes as a Guest Post for November – Than you again for allowing me to share this ㋡㋡

      • I’m pretty sure he will be. He thanked me on the original post for doing this so definitely get in touch. I know he throws posts outwards too.
        Hope this is the first of many collaborations too 😊

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