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I am delighted to welcome Shaun Kellett from Clockwork Clouds as our Guest of the week.
Shaun agreed to share some of my home-made tried and tested recipes on his blog, and I asked him if he would care to tell us a bit about himself, so please sit back and relax and enjoy his post.  Once done, please visit his blog and see for yourself what he has to offer and share the love by spreading the word of his blog and this post on all your social media outlets as far and wide as possible.  Sharing is Caring – Thank you

If you’re here reading this it means you’re on the wonderful blog of Esme, home of the Recipe Hunter Extraordinaire, and you’re probably looking for the latest delicious treat to make for your friends and family. So, let me get the disappointment out the way first: I can’t cook.
It’s true. The extent of my abilities is putting something pre-made (and often mass-produced) into an oven. Sometimes I time some (frozen) vegetables well enough to go with whatever else I’m making; that’s the definition of success for me.
I am, however, a big believer in creativity and artwork. Whilst I’d followed Esme’s blog for awhile, I truly ‘met’ her when she applied to take part in my Work in Progress Wednesday; a series of posts I host that are designed to look behind the scenes as people create their works of art. You can read Esme’s contribution here: Esme’s Delicious WiPs – A WiPW Guest Post. So many bloggers are writers at heart and so I run the risk of simply spotlighting authors, as lovely as they all are, and not offering much variety in these posts; after all, there are many, many artforms out there and writing is merely one of them. That’s where Esme’s post came in; a post of delicious recipes and mouthwatering meals.
But does cookery fit with my project’s goal, is it sharing creativity and inspiration? More to the point, is cookery really Art?
Cooking something is simply something almost everyone does every day, isn’t it? We make our breakfast, sometimes our lunch, often our dinner. We cook for our families, or we put something in the microwave for ourselves. It’s an everyday activity, it can’t be art. Well, I’d argue quite the contrary. Writing work emails day in, day out, doesn’t make us authors, snapping selfies with our smartphones don’t make us photographers, cooking an evening meal for ourselves doesn’t make us an artist in the kitchen. Art is something that takes a passion, skill, and talent. Art is something composed of love, and effort, with the means to have an effect or to make us think. Compare my cookery skills to that of a Chefs and you see a truly stark contrast. My food is cooked out of necessity, it is cooked simply to fill my stomach. I don’t cook with the intention of impressing, I don’t work my ingredients from scratch, I don’t maximize taste or think about the meaning behind my food. For someone to prepare food, and I mean really prepare it from the ground up, they are thinking about their ingredients, they are thinking about the impact of their flavors, and most of all, they’re cooking with their love. Much like a photographer considers composition, a chef considers what sides may compliment a main, much like a writer tells a story with words, a chef wants you to learn something through a taste. Much like anyone with any artistic pursuit tries to improve their skills, a chef will learn and experiment, they’ll better a previous recipe or add a personal twist.
An artist at work
An artist at work: Photo courtesy of @nickkarvounis on Unsplash
Something that takes that much hard work and effort, something someone wants to continually improve upon and better, becomes a craft. So, I’ll leave you with that question again: Is cookery really an art form? Yes, most definitely. It’s even there in the title of the profession: the Culinary Arts.
May I extend a heartfelt thanks to Esme, for both her support on my own site and for allowing me to Guest Post here. I hope you’ve enjoyed my article and I’d invite you to join me on my blog below for more.
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Learn More about Work in Progress Wednesday: Work in Progress Wednesday – What it is and how you take part!

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