Hannah's Baked Apples with Mixed Berries

Baked Apples
Use as many apples as required for your dinner (I generally use Golden Delicious as they easier to bake – somehow soften better) – always make at least 4 extra
Wash well, core and make sure there aren’t any pips in the middle after coring.
Take a sharp knife and score all the way around each one – they will open but not burst
Place the apples neatly in a Corning or Pyrex dish for baking making sure there is space in between.
Place in the middle of each apple about a teaspoon of apricot jam and put a few teaspoons of jam around on the bottom of the dish.
On top of the jam, I put a few (5-6 or less) seedless raisins and sprinkle a few again on the bottom around the dish.
Dust the apples with a good sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.
Pour either coke or Diet Coke over them and about 1cm.
Bake at 180 C for about 1½ hours or until golden brown.
It’s nicer to try get them done as you ready to serve then they don’t “shrivel”.
Not an issue as it doesn’t alter the taste. You can test if soft enough by just pricking and see how easy the knife goes through.
Sauce: – added extra
Frozen packet of Mixed Berries
Bring to boil stirring ever so often so it doesn’t burn
If they are too sour for you, add sugar
The Berries can be thickened by mixing in a tablespoon of custard powder.
This will also take the tartness away and nice and thicker.
The Mixed Berries are divine served over ice cream also.
If you can mix milk and meat, or having a milk/fish dinner, custard or ice cream / cream is divine served with the baked Apples.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Hannah Frank Witt