Hannah's Mango and Orange Ice Cream

500ml fresh whipping cream or 2 bottles Orley Whip for Parev
4 eggs
1/2 cup sugar

+/- 310ml Magalies Fruit Nectar Blend Concentrate (for those living out of South Africa and can get frozen Minute Maid Concentrate – 1 tin defrosted)
Beat cream or Orley Whip until thick.
Add eggs and sugar and beat.
Pour in Mango concentrate.
Beat all together.
Freeze and WHALA!
Enjoy and so refreshing!
If you can get any other thickish concentrates, try them.
I didn’t decorate as am taking this to guests where someone is allergic to fruit but hopefully this is not proper fruit so rather safe than sorry.
Hope you enjoy and it took maybe 10 minutes to make👍❤️😘
Prepared, tried and tested by: Hannah Frank Witt‎