Harjeet's Watermelon and Coconut milk Popsicle

TRH Harjeet's Watermelon and Coconut milk Popsicles
3 cups chopped watermelon chunks
½ cup coconut milk
1 tsp of choco chips
Popsicle Moulds
Watermelon juice
Keep aside a few chunks of watermelon and puree the rest in a mixer.
If the watermelon is not sweet, add a little sugar to taste.
Strain the juice and keep aside.
For the coconut milk, peel half a coconut and cut into thin slices.
Pour a little water and blend in the mixer.
Strain it well in a sieve or a muslin cloth.
Your coconut milk is ready.
Take the moulds and put in the watermelon chunks.
Add the choco chips which would look like the seeds.
Pour in the juice till almost the top.
Leave a little space for the coconut milk.
Let it set for 20 mins and pour in the coconut milk to fill the mould.
Set in the freezer for a couple of hours.
I usually make mine in the evening and leave it in the freezer overnight to freeze.
My moulds come with a twisting cap and they come out just perfect.
If your popsicle are stubborn then just dunk the moulds in hot water to get them to release.
They would slide out easily
Prepared, tried and tested by: Harjeet Kaur

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