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Blogging has spread far and wide and whether you do a free blog or a paid hosted blog the chances are that you have “dabbled”. Maybe you have a string of free blogs because you couldn’t decide where you fit? Or maybe you were more organised and knew straight from the start which topic you would go for. Whatever direction you came from, at times you would realise that it can and often is hard work.


How you got to blog


When you read other blogs you can gain inspiration. Maybe you thought “I can do that”!  Maybe you thought I can do better than that! Or then again maybe your own subject choices inspired you all of their own. Maybe you wanted to let the world hear what you had to say irrespective of what others were “saying”.But you gained education and knowledge along the way as you got into blogging. Sound like you?


The writing and how it gets you there


When it comes to writing the first thing you realise is edit, edit, edit! But before that comes up the writing. I mean you can’t edit a blank page after all can you? So even a page with something on it has potential. It’s just getting past the writer’s block perhaps. Maybe also thinking what you have in your heart to say. Being passionate about what you write surely shows in what you put in your blog.


Gaining new perspectives


One thing as you blog as I said – you do start to read quite a number of other blogs. This takes you to a new outlook. This can help you a great deal to get things going by seeing things in a new light.. You gain new information and ways of thinking which helps your blogging “career”. You then have more to offer your “audience”.


Doing the techie “Know-how”


You certainly learn a great deal and you might need a leg up when it comes to all that you have to know. You need help often from a webmaster or blogging engineer as I call them. Yes you can learn – but sometimes it maybe slow going if you find technical knowledge doesn’t come easy. Plus we all want to make right decisions and be well-informed. We can have so much technical “stuff” coming at us at the start that we don’t know which way to turn. That is if you have a paid blog.



Always asking yourself this question


Making sure that you have the passion to blog is important. But having a purpose is too. Finding your passion in most things can lead to your purpose. Knowing your purpose ie Giving people solutions to problems in a most helpful exercise. But keeping the question of “Is my purpose the same, or has it changed?” is one that we should keep before us. This – so that we can overcome any hills that we come across and when it becomes needful for us to have a revamp of where we are headed.


What if you fail?


I have heard of bloggers who have failed – but have come back with a different way of doing things. It might even be a relief if you let it go (at least for a time) – but you never know what the future holds. You may very well be having a sabbatical from too much blogging work and gain a refreshing blogging outlook from a break. I always think in a positive frame – Failure is often of only one thing and is never forever.


It doesn’t hurt to slow your blogging career down


Sometimes if you find your blogging is in the “too much pressure” basket, do the following. Slow it right down and/or take a holiday from it. If you aren’t doing this for a couple of days per week already this maybe the problem. Burnout is very real for any workload and blogging is often a very heavy one. Don’t worry – just rest. It will pay dividends.


And so…….


How do you find you blog?  Do you space it out? Has your purpose changed?  Are you helping your audience? Are you providing solutions that you are happy with?  Love to hear your comments!

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